Frequently Asked Questions

If you first came to our website, obviously you have some questions, answers to which you would like to receive in a concise manner right now and right here. We have prepared this section exactly for this. Please carefully read the information below, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact customer support through any convenient communication channel.

1Who are you?
We are an entrepreneurial, investment company based in Malta, which strongly believes in the power of human-driven insight and is actively committed to every client. Our focus: actively managing our clients’ savings, meeting our clients’ long-term savings objectives, we implement a conviction-based investment approach within a concentrated number of strategies. We provide transparency on our investment decisions and will always be accountable for them
2Citizens of which countries can take part in company projects?
Despite the fact that Ages Investments is registered in Malta, anyone who wishes can become its client regardless of his country of residence.
3Where can I find the offer for investors and detailed terms of cooperation?
All the necessary information in a concise and understandable form is on the home page of the website.
4What do I need to get started?
Take the first step and register a personal account. After logging in, you can make a deposit or use a referral program to earn money.
5How many accounts can I register?
We adhere to the policy of “one client - one account”. Violation of this rule may result in penalties
6What kind of currency can I invest?
The investment firms handles transactions in cryptocurrencies. Depending on the current market situation, the list of accepted currencies may be getting any shorter or grow.
7How quickly is the deposit added to my account after payment?
Like all cryptocurrency payments within the network, yours will be processed after 3 confirmations.
8How often is my profit accrued?
Profit is added to your account balance daily in percentages depending on your chosen plan.
9When can I withdraw my profits?
Withdrawal is available when the balance is 10 USD or more.
10How quickly do you process withdrawal requests?
All payments are being processed instantly through automated system, we are taking no part in the process.
11What about the internal exchange - may I invest Bitcoin and get profit in Litecoin?
No, we do not exchange cryptocurrencies within the investment program, withdraw same you invest.
12What is your referral reward, do you have any?
Sure, we try to motivate users to invite friends and acquaintances - the reward for active referral is 10% from the size of investments, when your referrals make deposits from external wallets (not from their balances).